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Sea Miles

with Ocean Racer


Ocean Racers facilitates the accumulation of essential sea miles, while the Maritime School provides robust Master of Yacht training and courses, offering a pragmatic and efficient pathway to maritime expertise.

Accumulate crucial sea miles toward your Master of Yachts or polish your offshore techniques with a lively and engaging Caribbean mile-builder aboard the S/V Hermes. The Pogo 12.50 Hermes (Ocean Racers vessel for the journey) skillfully blends rapid cruising with a chic, assured design. Though it flaunts similarities to its Class40 cousin on the deck, beneath it unveils a modern, minimalist interior, offering them the thrill of racing speeds without compromising cruising comforts.

Embarking from and returning to Simpson Bay, St. Maarten, their adventure through the Caribbean will be uniquely shaped by both the crew and the weather, with a goal of 500+ NM. 

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