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What is the Benefit?

Our package system will help guide you in your career choice, by ensuring your seat in our classes through pre-booking. Our packages outline what certifications you need to ensure you meet the industry standard.​

As an added bonus to our Sint Maarten residents, we also now have a financing option to help you pay for your courses per month, instead of the full payment upfront. This amazing opportunity is provided through our partnership with the PostspaarBank.

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Yacht Crew

Crew Package

Crew Package.

This Starter package will provide you with the basic courses you'll need when starting out in the Maritime Industry.

  1. STCW 2010

  2. 15M Powerboat License

Courses Included.

Boat Masters

Local Captain

SCV Captain Pack.

This Package outlines the courses and certifications you need to be a captain in the Carribean.

Courses included

  1. STCW 2010

  2. 15M Powerboat

  3. Boat Master (1)

Career Packages.

Superyacht Deckhand

Deckhand Package

Deckhand  Pack.

This package consists of the Super Yacht Deck Crew Course which will provide you with the basics of working on yachts as a Deckhand.

Courses Included

  1. STCW 2010

  2. Superyacht Deck crew (includes 15M Powerboat course)

  3. Personal Water Craft License (Jetski License) 

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Maritime Training Financing


We have partnered with PSB to ensure that students have a way to afford the maritime courses they want to complete. 

Our partnership with PSB means short term affordable loans for your courses, with realistic monthly payments.


All financing is done directly through PSB, not Maritime School of the West Indies.

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