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Maritime School X Ocean Racer

We at the Maritime School of the West Indies (MSWI) are pleased to unveil our strategic partnership with Ocean Racers, a pioneer in the maritime space. Together, we are introducing a cutting-edge professional sailor pathway program, fortified with certifications from International Yacht Training.

Our joint venture, the Ocean Racers x MSWI Pro Sailor Program, is a curated training and certification suite, specifically tailored for those with ambitions in the sailing sector. While the Maritime School typically focuses on superyacht career modules, we are excited to branch off and jointly offer a Pro Sailing Program that stands out. Addressing the unique needs of professional sailors, especially those eyeing the ocean racing arena

Since its establishment in 2016, Ocean Racers has been synonymous with premier ocean and inshore racing, complemented by

offshore training programs. Their commitment to excellence has seen them mentor hundreds of global sailors, many of whom have transitioned to professional roles, joining the ranks of elite teams in The Ocean Race, IMOCA, and America’s Cup.

Morgen Watson, Director of Ocean Racers, shared his perspective, “We are happy to be relaunching Ocean Racers with this new partnership and direction. Our mission has always been to provide more access and opportunity in ocean racing, and this joint certification program is our next step in further building these clear career pathways in our sport. Garth and his team at the Maritime School of the West Indies are also passionate sailors and fellow professionals, and we are very excited to be working with them for this certification program.”

As a leader in IYT certifications, MSWI is proud to be at the forefront of maritime education and training. Positioned in the Caribbean, a nexus for the maritime industry, we are dedicated to leveraging the unparalleled expertise of the region to shape the future of maritime professionals. Our esteemed institution is conveniently located near Simpson Bay, the Caribbean's apex superyacht port, which now welcomes Ocean Racers and their Pogo 12.50 Hermes.

Garth Steyn, our esteemed founder, emphasized, “At the Maritime School, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, hands-on training that equips our students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the maritime industry. All our instructors have over 10 years of experience sailing and working professionally in the Maritime Industry. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and the same levels of success that they have.”

We offer our students the privilege of learning under the guidance of seasoned sailors, who have been instrumental in shaping the maritime journeys of countless individuals worldwide. Our diverse course catalog includes offerings such as Day Skipper, First Aid, Sea Survival, Mile Builders, Master of Yachts Theory & Practical, and Engineering 1.

Garth Steyn further added, “This a great collaboration between the two entities and will only benefit the students looking to certify with us. It’s the perfect blend between high performance sailing and building your sea miles which will qualify students towards their Master of Yacht 200tn and Coastal.”

In collaboration with Ocean Racers, we are thrilled to present Caribbean mile-builders on the Pogo 12.50, aligned with MSWI’s Master of Yachts courses in St. Maarten. For those charting their professional maritime journey and seeking additional sea miles or training, we offer a comprehensive 3-week course package, inclusive of Master of Yachts Theory and Practical modules. Successful candidates will be conferred with the esteemed Master of Yachts certification by IYT.

For more insights into the Ocean Racers x MSWI Pro Sailor and Master of Yachts programs, we invite you to explore:

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