Thank you for considering the Maritime School of the West Indies as YOUR Maritime Crew Training School. The Maritime School of the West Indies has been around for many years. Started by Jan and Veerle Roosens, MSWI was the first school to teach Crew Training Courses in the Caribbean. It is with great pride that we have bought the school and intend to continue the high level of professionalism they started so long ago.

There are several good reasons WHY you should enroll in the Maritime School of the West Indies:

When you sign up for a course (whichever one, STCW, Master of Yachts 200 Ton (previously called YachtMaster) the Small Powerboat and RIB course and all the others), you can be SURE that we will effectively run the course, even if we should have less candidates than anticipated!

Many students and crew have told us that they enrolled for a course in another school and that the course was canceled only a few days in advance (and no way for them to enroll quickly in another school while it was high season or to get their airline ticket reimbursed).

Over ALL the years in business, we have NEVER cancelled a course, so that’s your warranty!

Our Island St.Maarten-St.Martin is well known all over the world as a “mega yacht mecca”. There are many high end marinas and hundreds of yachts that visit, not only in the high season but long before and after the busiest months.

A great possibility for you to find a JOB on board one of those yachts.

Our crew placement department will also help you.

Many of the management companies or /and Captains/Owners know our MSWI school so they often contact us first to find crew because they know that we have certified crew.

Our Maritime School places a lot of students EACH CARIBBEAN SEASON on board yachts and many others on yachts in the Mediterranean.

When you do one (or more) courses at our Maritime School you will be automatically listed in our database which we show to Captains, owners or/and management companies that are looking for crew.

Almost ALL of the Captains, owners or/and management companies know that when a crew member has attended our Maritime School of the West Indies, they are COMPETENT and received the course (s) in the best circumstances and instructed by the BEST teachers.

That’s the reason WHY so many are ASKING US for crew instead of filtering through other agencies.
And YES, you need to be able to swim when doing for example the STCW’2010 course, we know that some other schools will give you a life jacket but at our school we care about your safety and the other crew that will work with you. So if you can’t swim, learn to swim first 🙂

St.Maarten with the Airport Juliana International and St.Martin with l”Esperance Airport Grand Case have flights coming in from all over the world.

Many direct flights are landing EVERY DAY out of the US, Canada, Europe and elsewhere while local airlines service Grand Case airport from all over the Caribbean.

Please calculate your fees for air fares (and taxes !) and compare with St.Maarten-St.Martin before booking a flight to somewhere else!

From both airports to the school or a crew house is only a short drive.

We know that most of you are serious 🙂 but, maybe when the course (s) is over you want to go party.

St.Maarten-St.Martin is also known for that.

Nightlife is THE BEST in the Caribbean RIGHT HERE, and only on the French side there are over 300 restaurants.

Try to find THAT somewhere else.

When you see the rates of our courses, the rates are the rates.

Way lower than in Europe, the BEST in the Caribbean.

NO additional taxes or surprises as in some other schools…

NO additional book fees or other material costs.

We also offer some discounts for cash payments, group payments etc.

Check out (or ask us) the rates and possibilities for crew houses, guest houses or even hotels.

St.Maarten-St.Martin offers BETTER and CHEAPER accommodations than anywhere else.

Our Maritime School is easily accessible by DINGHY AND TENDER from all the Dutch side Marinas in Simpson Bay ( Ile De Sol, Palapa Marina, Simpson Bay Marina ) and others like Marina Fort Louis on the French side.

St.Maarten-St.Martin has free ports and is a duty free Island, so while you are here you can go shopping, buy the new iPhone, your next watch, parts for the yacht you’re on and more.

Everything here is WAY cheaper than on other Islands.

More sail yachts, mega yachts, super yachts, tall ships and others are spending their season in St.Maarten-St.Martin than anywhere else.

Ever wondered why more crew find jobs here ?

Our main Maritime School of the West Indies (International Yacht Training in the Caribbean) office is on the Dutch side at Well Rd # 85, Unit 26A, Cole Bay (opposite Electec Service Center and next to the Tattoo Parlor)


Phone: +1 721 5805806 or +1 721 5802205

We offer courses year round.

All the courses are in ENGLISH and all professional courses are MCA recognized.

All necessary books for the courses are provided by the Maritime School of the West Indies.

As soon as we have received your final payment we can send you the books. Shipping costs are yours to pay. Alternatively, you can pick up the books at any time at the school or you will receive your books at the start of the course at no additional cost.

We are officially affiliated with IYT WORLDWIDE in Canada.