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Day Skipper


5 Days




Service Description

IYT Day Skipper / Crew

Sail This is a 5 day course, depending on wind and conditions, aimed to deliver a safe, informed, confident and competent day sailor/skipper who can confidently command a sailboat up to 10 meters (32.8 feet) and crew during daylight hours in fair conditions in inland waters (bay or lake sailing) or coastal waters up to 5 miles offshore.

Recommended Entry Level


A learn to sail course/certificate Certificate


  • Command a vessel up to a maximum length of 10 meters (32.8 feet) Inland waters (bay or lake sailing) or coastal waters up to 5 miles offshore Daylight hours and in fair conditions with moderate wind and sea conditions

Course Outline:

  1. Basic sails and sailing

  2. Collision Regulations

  3. Responsibilities of the Skipper/Captain

  4. Personal Safety Equipment

  5. Boat Safety Equipment

  6. Vessel Checkout

  7. Documentation, Charts, Nautical Publications and Flags

  8. Equipment & General Checks

  9. Basic Ropework

  10. Capsizing, Swamping and Sinking

  11. Responsibilities of the Crew, Care of the Environment, Provisioning & Housekeeping

  12. Outboard Motors

  13. Boat Handling Under Power

  14. Basic Meteorology

  15. Charts

  16. Tides & Currents

  17. Buoyage

  18. Man Overboard Procedures

  19. Anchors, Anchoring and Running Aground -

  20. Basic First Aid

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