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Boat Masters 1


6 Days




Service Description

In order to obtain a Boat master License Grade 1 an applicant shall:

  • be twenty one years of age;

  • have submitted a valid medical certificate in accordance with X/14;

  • have completed a course of practical instruction under a licensed Boat master in sail or power vessels of appropriate size as approved by the Administration;

  • have completed approved seagoing service of not less than 4 months in accordance with the requirements of the Administration; produce a VHF Certificate.

  • have passed the examination for Boat master Grade 1.

This License is to operate small commercial vessels in the Caribbean Region. The regulations are based on the United States Coast Guard Code of Federal Regulations 46 Sub-Chapter T (certification of small passenger vessels), which are regarded as equivalent to IMO Convention requirements for such vessels, Sub-Chapter C (Uninspected vessels) and The United Kingdom Code of Practice for the Safety of Small Workboats and Pilot Boats.

The certificates issued by MSWI are endorsed by the Sint Maarten Maritime Authority and are valid for 5 years.

The medical certificate ENG1 is required before the Boat master license endorsement by Maritime & Shipping will be issued. In addition the STCW and VHF license are required.

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