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24M and Flotilla/Bareboat Skipper


5 Days



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Service Description

24M Powerboat / Bareboat-Flotilla Sail Designed for those to wish to operate a power or sail pleasure boat with accommodation up to 24 m, (80′) in sight of land in fair weather. Tailored for those who are considering chartering a power or sail boat, or for those who are purchasing a vessel. Five-day course, which includes both theory and practical components. The International Certificate of Competency (ICC) endorsement is an add on. Certificate


  • Command of a vessel up to a maximum length of 78 ft /24 meters - In coastal waters up to 20 miles offshore

  • In daylight hours and in fair conditions with moderate wind and sea conditions

  • The ICC certificate is the level of competence that one needs when chartering a boat in the Mediterranean or West Indies where there are restrictions in terms of cruising area and distance from the base and the vessel has to be safely moored in a marina or anchored before dark.

Course Outline:

  1. Responsibilities of a skipper

  2. Crew safety checks

  3. Hull and rig checks

  4. Machinery and systems checks

  5. Fuel and water capacity and range

  6. Menus and quantities

  7. Float plan

  8. Sources of meteorological information

  9. Weather patterns

  10. Sea and land breezes

  11. Cloud types and formations

  12. Pilotage and passage planning

  13. Considerations when planning a passage

  14. Routine for navigating a coastal passage

  15. Passage strategy

  16. Port regulations, customs, immigration

  17. Pilotage plans

  18. Vessel handling in confined quarters

  19. Mooring, anchoring, coming alongside

  20. Ropes, knots, care and use of lines

  21. General deck work

  22. Tides and currents theory

  23. Tidal heights, springs and neaps

  24. Rule of “twelfths”

  25. Position fixing, running fixes

  26. Plotting the effect of tides and currents

  27. Collision regulations

  28. Lights, shapes and sounds

  29. Application of the regulations

  30. Advanced dingy handling

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