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Yacht Master 200tns Coastal




10 days

About The Course

Course Content.
- A comprehensive live aboard course consisting of six days for sail or five days for power, which includes the practical on the water examination.

-The course covers subjects such as:
- navigational charts and publications
- dead reckoning and estimated position
- position fixing
- tides
- tidal levels and data
- pilotage
- safety at sea
- meteorology...


- Candidates should be 18 years of age or older.
- One must hold or obtain a Marine Communications VHF-SRC Radio Operators certificate.
- One must hold or obtain all STCW’95 certificates. STCW certificates must be valid (not expired). If STCW Safety Training is taken after January 1, 2014 the new Proficiency in Maritime Security Awareness is also required.
- Candidates must provide documented proof of 25 days and 800 miles at sea including two days as watch leader/skipper and 12 hours underway on watch at night.
- Candidates may sit the course prior to obtaining the minimum sea time. However, they will not be issued their Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate 200 Tons certificate until all the requirements have been met.
- Verification of yachting experience must be signed by the skipper of the yacht on which the candidate was sailing. Candidates claiming sea time during times when they were acting as captain may sign their own entries, but will need independent proof that can be verified by IYT.
- Sea time must be obtained on a vessel at least 10m in length.
- If you have a sea time logbook please scan copies of pages and send to us in one PDF document; make sure your name is at the top of each page prior to scanning
- You may also use these documents: (you must be logged in to your IYT Account to access)
- iyt testimonial for sea service
- iyt candidate sea time form
- A current medical fitness examination and a colour blind eyesight examination. Medical/eyesight examinations are valid for a period of two years.
- We will also accept military letters stating service days for seatime, however, each will be reviewed to ensure they have sufficient experience for the level of certificate they are requesting.

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