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Superyacht Deck Crew




5 days


About the Course

The five-day IYT Superyacht Crew course is an MCA recognized course and is highly recommended for entry-level students who wish to enter the superyacht industry. It comprises both theory and practical elements that give the student a comprehensive and all-round general knowledge of the requirements of the superyacht industry.

The Syllabus

    It incorporates three separate MCA recognized courses:

    - Superyacht Crew
    - VHF Radio Operators
    - Small Power Boat and RIB Master

    Course Outline:

    - Industry guidelines and regulations
    - Chain of command
    - Crew rank and positions
    - Preparing a CV / Resume
    - General rules responsibilities and etiquette
    - Safety and equipment
    - Nautical terminology and relative direction
    - Ropework
    - Nautical knowledge
    - Basic collision regulations
    - Planning the first passage
    - Introduction to weather
    - Sails
    - Boat handling under sail
    - Boat handling under power
    - Small powerboat man overboard drills
    - Engine checks and maintenance
    - Charts and the magnetic compass
    - Anchors and anchoring
    - Dingy theory and practical
    - Launching and recovering dinghies
    - Introduction to VHF radio operation
    - Code of Safe Working Practices.
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