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STCW 2010 Refresher




4 days


About the Course

STCW'2010 refresher is required to be refreshed every 5 years for the Sea Survival and the Fire fighting

The Syllabus

    This is a 4 day course of practical training for the Sea Survival and Basic Fire Fighting module. This course is a mend for those who already hold the STCW 2010 certification. If still you hold the STCW'95 you need to Complete the PSMA as well as your expired modules. If your First Aid is expired we recommend you get it renewed aswell.

    Module Expiration:

    Sea Survival Module (every 5 years)
    Fire Fighting Module (every 5 years)
    First Aid (every 2 years)
    PMSA (doesn't Expire)
    Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (doesn't Expire)
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