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15M Powerboat




4 days


About the Course

The course is 4days, it covers the basic knowledge for boating. Theirs 2 days of practical driving and 2 days of theory where you cover maps, basic boat anatomy... This course includes a license for a boat 15M or under and a VHF license.

The Syllabus

    Four day course – theory and practical boat handling including:

    Docking and line handling:
    - Safety at sea
    - Small powerboats and rigid inflatable boats
    - Launching and recovery
    - Anchors and anchoring
    - Nautical terminology
    Boat handling under power
    - Man overboard procedures
    - Ropes and rope-work
    - Basic rules of the road (collision regulations)
    - Glossary of terms

    VHF one day course:
    - Introduction to VHF radio’s
    - Basic radio theory
    - Line of sight
    - Subsidiary equipment
    - Common radio terms
    - Regulations / Licensing requirements
    - VHF radio equipment
    - Radio procedures
    - Transmitting and receiving
    - The phonetic alphabet
    - Emergency radio communications
    - EPIRB and SART
    - Hand held short range VHF radio’s
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