Cancellation Policy

We are so pleased you are deciding to choose MSWI to complete your courses. Our staff are professionals and their time and scheduling, is of the utmost importance to guarantee a quality service. To this end we do strictly adhere to our policies of cancellation. Please read the following carefully before you sign up.

  • We require a 50% down payment to enroll you in a course.
  • We retain 10% in case of cancellations more than a week prior to the course to cover administrative and reservation costs incurred by our school.
  • If you cancel within a week of the course date, there is still a 10% administrative fee, and the balance of money will be allotted to a rescheduled date.
  • ALL REFUNDS ON PAYMENTS PAID BY CREDIT CARD WILL BE PAID BACK TO THE CARD, and 10 % for administrative and bank costs involved will be deducted.


  • If you are enrolled in a course and have followed only one or a few days of the course and don’t come back for the other days (the rest of the course) no refund is due.
  • If you have a real and (by the school) acceptable reason for your absence we can enroll you in the same course at a later date, as long as we have space. This needs to be within ONE YEAR of the missed course days.
  • If you are not able to do the course even at a later date within a year, no refund is due.
  • All IYT schools are independently owned and managed, and continuing a course that has been started with us, is not guaranteed elsewhere.

Practical course dates are subject to weather conditions and will not be guaranteed by the Maritime School of the West Indies. In case of a cancellation due to the weather or other circumstances behind our control the MSWI will reschedule the course and you will not lose any amount already paid. Please allow for this eventuality in your own schedule, or stay on the island. We very seldom have to cancel but being prepared is vital.

The Maritime School of the West Indies is an official IYT affiliated and approved school