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Maritime School of the West Indies Location

Our Maritime School of the West Indies (International Yacht Training Affiliated) office is on the French side in the lagoon, St.Martin in Marina Royale 20,

(on the dock in the Maritime Services and Training building) in the centre of Marigot, Saint Martin French West Indies.

We are open from 9.00 am until 4.30 pm continuously.

During courses we are often open earlier and will close later.

You can also call for an appointment.

e-mail: info@MaritimeSchool.net or/and Crew@MaritimeSchool.net

Office phone: +590690266862

Cell Phone:


VHF Channel 16

To send something by post:

Maritime Services and Training s.a.r.l.

Marina Royale Auberge de Mer 20

97150 Marigot St.Martin Antilles Françaises

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